Water Fill Up & Bottle Sanitation Station

Bring an empty container or purchase a refillable bottle at our store.

Let our staff do the refilling and heavy lifting to and from your vehicle.

Come back and refill your bottle to save money and recycle.

Whole House Water Filtration & Softening

In-home water treatment provides the final barrier to prevent contaminants or health hazards from being ingested by you, a family member or pet. It can also address the impurities that lend an unattractive taste, smell, or appearance to your drinking water.

The staff at Texas Water House have over 75 years of experience treating water in North Texas, and several members of the company serve on the board of directors for the Texas Water Quality Association (TWQA).

Our main focus is treating the water coming into your home and creating the purest and best quality water you can get - just like it was intended to be by mother nature.

Office: 2109 Luna Rd, Suite 100, Carrollton, TX 75006

Copyright 2024. All rights reserved

Copyright 2024. All rights reserved